The Specification of the school fees are given in a separate annexure.

  1. The school fees cover twelve calendar months. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods.
  2. At the time of admission, the fees of the first month must be paid along with admission/annual fees.
  3. Fees must be paid by 15th of every month, after which a late fee shall be charged.
  4. Students joining or leaving the school in between the academic sessions will have to pay the annual fees and all the fees of the particular term.
  5. Fees once remitted will not be refunded.
  6. No reminders are issued. Therefore, parents/guardians should see that the fees are paid on time.
  7. Pupils whose dues are not cleared completely will be barred from sitting for examinations.
  8. The School Reserves the right to increase the fees at anytime for the year if an increment is considered necessary. Ten percent (10%) annual increase in the fee is normal.