Louis was born on January 31st, 1673, in BRITTANY, in a small town called Montfort situated in Northern part of France. He was baptised the following day and wisely entrusted for 2 years to a wet nurse known as Mother Andre. Meanwhile the whole family had shifted to a new property not far away.He spent the next ten years there. He proved helpful to his younger brothers and sisters and a comfort to his mother.From his early childhood he was attracted towards Mary the Mother of Jesus. Aged 12, he was sent to Rennes to study at a college run by Jesuits. Studious and intelligent, he topped all his classes. He did not blend well with his fellow students, his ways and life-styles being entirely different from them. He suffered much at their hands but he was in the good books of his professors.

Louis was 18 when he felt God was calling him to be a priest. He then took to the study of theology. At 19, help was promised towards his admission to St. Sulpice Seminary, in Paris. He bade farewell to his people and chose to walk the whole distance- 350 Km. On his way, he gave to one beggar whatever money he had; to another his clothing and then knelt down vowing never to own anything in this world for himself. He reached Paris exhausted and in rags. Times were hard in every respect and trials countless. Only his trust in God’s Providence enabled him to overcome them all. He was not understood by his superiors who tested the genuineness of his vocation harshly. Nevertheless, at the age of 27 he was ordained a priest on June 5th, 1700. During the next 16 years of his life, Louis(we shall now call him Montfort) preached a large number of missions in many parishes and dioceses. He was never a parish priest and only for short periods was he attached himself to a group or Institutions such as hospitals. He was strong, tall, daring, extremely zealous.

Shared his life, food, shelter with the poor,the sick and the beggars, ever at their service, taking at all times the whole Gospel both literally and in spirit. When invited for a dinner by his parents, he reached there with the beggars and poor people of the town. He insisted that he will sit at the banquet only with them.He would carry a dying man late at night and knock at the door of a missionary home and shout “Open to Jesus Christ.”