1. The school begins at 8:20 AM and ends at 2:15 PM. The first bell will ring at 8:20 AM. All the students should reach the school before the first bell.
  2. If any student reaches the school after the first bell, he/she must meet the principal along with his/her handbook before entering the class.
  3. Every student must have a handbook (provided by the school), which should be brought to the school daily.
  4. Students are expected to use only English as the medium of communication especially within the school premises.
  5. Modern gadgets like mobile phone, cameras etc. valuables like gold and silver chains, rings etc. use of nail polishes etc. are strictly forbidden.
  6. Students, especially boys must have a decent hair cut.
  7. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to go to class rooms without the permission of the principal.
  8. Though every care is taken to ensure the safety and welfare of the students, accidents are possible. The school will not be responsible for accidents (minor or serious) during the stay in the school or while taking part in sports and co-curricular activities within or outside the school premises.
  9. Parents should meet the school authorities at least once in a term to enquire about the progress and behavior of their children.
  10. All the financial and administrative matters of the school will be dealt with by the management through the principal.
  11. By admitting their wards to the school, the parents/guardians are binding themselves to obey the rules and regulations of the school.
  12. The cultural and co-curricular activities of the school are conducted in accordance with the educational method of Montfort School and as per the reguirements of CBSE.
  13. Guardians/parents are requested to make proper arrangement to pick up their children immediately after the school is over for the day.Though proper care will be taken to ensure the safety of the children, the school cannot be held responsible if the student leaves the school campus on his/her own accord.
  14. Students are required to treat teacher and all members of the staff (teaching and non-teaching) with respect and politeness. Arrogance and challenging behaviour towards anybody is forbidden.
  15. Every student must possess an identity card issued by the school. If a student loses his/her school ID, a written application to issue a new school ID must be made to the principal.