Inspired by the founding spirit and charism of St. Montfort and in the light of the common vision of Catholic Education of the Church, we, the Montfort Brothers adopt a holistic approach to education. Firmly believing that a young person learn, his/har lessons from the whole school settings, we provide a rich variety of activities, courses and programmes. We strive to mould integral persons who are physically fit, intellectually competent, emotionally mature and morally sound, with a sense of divinity and committed to the cause of justice, peace and brotherhood and who are characterized by respect for every human person. Hence every student in our institution will be regular, punctual, courteous, polite, friendly, respectful to school authorities, teachers, parents and elders and will always be ready to lend a helping hand to everyone in need, truthful, hard working, sympathetic and understanding to the plight of the poor, having and aim in life and affirm determination to achieve the same.

Thus, Montfort School is a learning community animated by the Divine spirit of love and freedom. God is the light who dispels the darkness of ignorance from the hearts and minds of his people. It is therefore fitting to the motto of the school which is ‘Lead Kindly Light’.